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You are about the only bit of 'sensibility' that I have received to date. I have really appreciated your input. I have a lot of decisions to make over the next month or so, and I cannot tell you how invaluable I have found your interest and columns - full of common sense and easy reading. Thank you so very much and please, carry on your excellent work. I am still, however, mystified about the franchise market, however, you are stopping me from falling into some serious pitfalls and saving me HUGE amounts of money. Take care and I wish you all the luck in the world - you deserve it.

I was certainly impressed by the forensic and informative nature of your material and realised immediately that "BizOp" Watch is a bona fide operation, offering high quality review products. Please keep up the good work.
Greg Antao

I have recently been scammed myself by a company which I'm sure you're familiar with - Home Business Program www.homebusinessprogram.co.uk. Their company is Webcrome LLC. With their sign up fee (non refundable apparently) and other costs (mainly advertising) I have lost £200 in the last week! Shame I didn't know about your site beforehand so I didn't have your info on this company else I wouldn't have joined them, but thanks for your help anyway.

Like the new site and your reviews are excellent, as always.

Thank you for helping me to get the bank draft to David Ryan / David Howseman stopped I dont think the bank would of helped me if it wasn't for your letter.

I have just joined your site and found the infomation very helpful and well researched. Many of my friends are disillusioned with companies that they join going out of business time and again or just not delivering and so I will recommend that they join your site to save lots of time and money.

I would like to say a big thank you for the time and effort you have taken to research this opportunity for me. In the increasingly overcrowded biz opps jungle which exists in the UK, its comforting to know that you are providing your members with an impartial and unbiased review service which helps them from being fleeced of their hard earned cash by some of the more unscrupulous operators out there.

Just wanted to say thankyou for providing prompt access to your report detailing your research. A well documented and interesting read.You certainly saved me alot of time.

: I've just finished the October issue (having had a break for dinner). Amazing stuff. I don't know how you ferret out all this information but it makes fascinating reading.

Rosemarie and Leslie: We initially subscribed to The Board Magazine to research business opportunities working from home and recently re-subscribed to your online publication to look at ways of increasing our 'income streams'. Congratulations on the June and July editions. Most definitely better late than never.

Steve Hague: I have found the reviews to be both excellent in content and entertainment value!
I never knew there were so many rogues out there. The reason for subscribing was to obtain further info on X. I was seriously considering investing in X and had conducted some research myself. I have decided not to pursue my interest any further as I do not think it has the potential or WOW factor anymore. Thank you once again for the excellent material.

Jill Bray, Malvern: Thank you for saving me money by your timely exposé of the Ultimate Entrepreneur Club. Several friends had been pressurising me to join, but something (in addition to the high cost) held me back. Now I know what that was! Even so, one friend continues in his quest for riches through this - while another heeded your warning. We shall see!

How-M: Whilst writing just to say how much I enjoy reading your publication, just finished the May edition. Thought your review re X was terrific.

Carl Nelson: Enjoyed the 1st edition. It's the only unbiased info on the market that I've come across. Keep up the good work (don't know how you do it so cheap!)

Paul: I have recently become a member. So far I can't fault the reports, very honest and there is no feel of you being paid to give better reviews on certain opportunities like you find with other services like yourself.

Mick: Thanks for all the hard work you do to keep the Board's ideals alive.

Robbo: Thank you so much for saving me some cash. I was pondering whether to part with £640.00 to Gary Foxcroft Ultimate Entrepreneur Club (although the fact he wants cash is a bit suspect and put me off). I now know what a mistake that would have been. You really are a true hero.

Mike King, King Wilkinson Associates: As regards the attacks on your qualifications and your manner, this is simply because you are are viewed as a threat to those whose interests may be harmed by your very logical and painstakingly meticulous appraisal of their opportunity. Such response proves you are doing your job well - that's why we pay you!


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